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Let us help get your criminal charges dismissed and case records expunged.

Often times, people make the mistake of thinking that successful completion of their ARD program automatically causes their pending charges to be dismissed and expunged. This is not the case. There is an entirely separate dismissal and expungement process that must be completed for all records of your arrest to be erased. Otherwise, those records will continue to appear during background checks, court docket reviews, and during security clearance applications.

We can help.  We charge a reasonable flat fee for the processing of the dismissal and expungement paperwork.  We’ll get it done promptly and keep the records of your charges from being discovered.

Dismissal of Charges and ARD Expungements

At Black and Davison, P.C., you have experience on your side.

Accelerated Rehabilitation Disposition (ARD) is a pre-trial intervention program that is specifically designed for individuals charged for the first-time to non-violent offenses.  Consider it a one-time free pass.  The program suspends the criminal justice process to allow you to complete the program, assuming you comply with certain terms and conditions.  Successful completion will allow you to petition to the Court to have the charges against you dismissed and expunged.


While a person could file for the dismissal of charges and expungement of records, it can be complicated or difficult for someone without experience in the criminal court system.  You don’t have to go it alone.  Let us help.

This law office is extremely professional and highly competent. I met with Jerrold Sulcove for help with a very complicated case that had been lingering for years. He decided to take the case and resolved it favorably and quickly. I would highly recommend their services if you are in need of an attorney. The right attorney makes a huge difference.

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